At Wits End – Episode 116 – March MadWits Champions

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This very wild, crazy and very funny episode was recorded directly after the Championship game of Quick Wits’ March MadWits – a five week competition of teams thrown together from improvisors all over Utah. The SRO show was one of the best start to finish shows ever and in the end Air Bud 7: Love is just a word squeaked … Read More

At Wits End – Episode 113 – The “not so fresh” A-Team

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Lucky number 13 sees the Wits put together a great show! Newbie Lauren Bradley joins Bob Bedore, Jourdan Dixon, Michael Haycock and Jesse Marcus to take one such topics as “Aggressive Kissing”, “Strange Ear Lobes”, and “Summer’s Eve”. Truly a funny way to spend some time with Utah’s Best Improvisors! At Wits End is recorded every Saturday night after the … Read More

Quick Wits Recap – October 10th and 11th

Pretty crazy weekend at Quick Wits. First was a Friday night where we invited Comedy Hypnotist John Moyer to the theatre. We put off our regular show to see what John could do to our crowd. The results were hilarious! John had volunteers dancing, playing instruments, strutting around proudly thinking they had see-through clothes, and a whole lot more. It … Read More