At Wits End – Episode 125 – Magnum PI: Russia

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In this episode Quick Wits opens up the show to other improvisors in Utah. Before this show QW presented a new shows called “Pop Up Arcade”. This was a playground for improv styles and was a blast to watch, and be in! Bob and Jason welcome friends from ToySoup (Troy Taylor and Andrew Jensen) and musical improvisors Shawn Zumbrunnen and … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 8 of 10

Connect the Dots It harkens to my long-form days back with my first improv troupe Knock You Socks Off, where the gimmicks of short-form were tiresome and frustrating.  So much of a ‘good’ show was measured by the amount of laughter from an audience and less on the experience of the actors.  Any joke gets old, and by then Quick … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 7 of 10

Greatest Hits Who’s Line is it Anyway?  has become a staple for comedy improv, not only for its clean-cut condensed 30 minute T.V. format, but because it features a couple brilliant musically talented performers.   And every song made up on the spot by Wayne Brady is a god-damn Billboard chart topper.   If only everyone knew how difficult that … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 6 of 10

Missing Shakespeare “They talk weirid. There’s all those words.” She says. “I can’t understand.  I just don’t geet it.” I’m on my third beer wondering how I’m going to convey in some sort of efficient, and un-condescending, way the significance of Shakespeare today. It was an auditorial art. Reading and writing were not common back then, so the understudy couldn’t … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 4 of 10

Human Prop All audience participation games are great.  In fact, most of our away shows consist of prodding audience members up in front of their peers and making fun of them in some way or another. Human Prop, however, burst the safety bubble of everyone, audience participant or not.   The humor becomes multi-layered; much more complex as both actor … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 2 of 10

Indian Poker God, I feel like this is a real cocktail party made manifest, but with more interesting people and their agendas more obvious.   I played this simple card game when I was on camping trips during my days as a Boy Scout. Maybe it’s nostalgic for me, but probably its the poor priceless poker faces that I see … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 1 of 10

Murder Mystery Some of you might groan at the Quick Wits constant performance of this game, but I love it.  And I could probably play it every day for the rest of my life; preferably in the morning with coffee.   In fact it will be a prerequisite for my wife-to-be that we play this game at any point that … Read More