Rockin’ the Game O’ Matic

Before I start in, I’ll give a description of Game O’ Matic.

“The emcee gets 2 or 3 letters that become the acronym for the title of a non-existent improv game. Each actor on a team will give their game name and describe their version of that game. The audience cheers for which version they want to see and the game unfolds.”

Recently I’ve been playing this one a lot and I find myself loving it! Sometimes in performing week after week I find myself feeling like I do the same thing. Even when that’s obviously not the case. Every improviser goes through that at one point or another. It’s normal. Anyway, this game forces you to get out of your wheelhouse and really do something bizarre and in most cases something very refreshing. I find making this a challenge round at times so you really have no control of deciding your fate can be a lot of fun. It can turn into a cool revenge round occasionally, too. If the game name is titled around a player on the other team, you’ll almost certainly get the same brotherly hazing game back at you. The audience loves this. Some of the better games I’ve played came right at the last instant with no thought. Tonight we didn’t do a challenge round but the game was tons of fun and the title was mine and I had no idea what I was going to do until I said it. The letters were H.J. The game we (Jesse Markus, Austin Stephenson and me) ended up playing was “Hansel Juan” where we’d be given a fairy tale or tall tale and we’d reenact it but very Hispanic. We did Snow White and it was magical.

If you’ve never played Game O’ Matic, I’d highly recommend it. Do it. Do it NOW!

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