Quick Wits Recap – October 10th and 11th

Pretty crazy weekend at Quick Wits. First was a Friday night where we invited Comedy Hypnotist John Moyer to the theatre. We put off our regular show to see what John could do to our crowd. The results were hilarious!

John had volunteers dancing, playing instruments, strutting around proudly thinking they had see-through clothes, and a whole lot more. It was non-stop laughs the whole night.

If you missed it don’t worry, we’ll be doing it again on November 21st. Make you plans early and make sure to bring a group of people to watch the fun.

On Saturday the 11th it was a Quick Wits Classic Night. And while that may sound normal, if you’ve seen much Quick Wits you know that nothing is normal. Jourdan, Jason, Blake, Lauren, Tate, Jake, and Bob had some amazing moments on stage. One of the big highlights was a “Replay at Bernie’s” that say Blake spending much of the time dead in a chair while being manhandled by the other actors.

There were some classic lines from the night as well. “Don’t pull your sword out of your speedo”, “Hand me your 3rd led”, and the cryptic “Team-O?” were just a few of the fun lines. Big laughs from beginning to end. In fact, one patron was quoted as saying that they laughed so hard they “burned 765 calories an hour”!

Maybe Quick Wits should be marketed as a weight loss program!

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