Quick Wits In Review – September 5th and 6th

Friday, September 5th 2014

Quick Wits once again turned the control of the show over to the audience in the aptly named, “Audience Control Show”. (Okay, so maybe we’re not that clever with the name of our shows) For this night the crowd could write down all games they’d like to see us play, characters they want us to play, locations, and even lines of dialogue. Then we draw from the various piles to create the games.

At one point Jourdan thought he’d dodged a bullet when “Animal Police” was drawn by the other team. But that all came apart when the rest of the card was read. “Must include Jourdan as a Flamingo”. Needless to say, it was fun watching him go through the scene.

Perhaps one of the funnest draws of the evening was during a “Murder Mystery” game when we had to act out Dumbledore as a Disgruntled Driving Instructor. Possibly one of the best characters we’ve seen on stage.

Make sure to have your suggestions ready for our next go at an “Audience Control Show”!

Saturday, September 6th 2014

With Comic Con finishing it’s run in Salt Lake, it seemed like a perfect time to do a “Nerd Show”. To be honest, it wasn’t that different than a normal Quick Wits show since we’re all pretty nerdy to begin with, but we sure had some fun with it.

This night saw “Murder Mystery” turn into “Nerder Mystery” with all the elements having a nerd theme. This included the location being a “My Little Pony Compound” on the Death Star. One of the biggest highlights of the night was the return of the game “8 Bit Movie”. In this game the actors had to act out scenes from “Jurassic Park” as if they were an 8 Bit game. Jourdan stole the scene as a character who couldn’t find the door and kept running into a wall over and over before finally getting out the door.

And while most nights are “Nerd” shows at Quick Wits, it was nice to be able to bask in our nerdiness for a little while. We’ll definitely be doing that one again!

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