Quick Wits In Review – October 3rd and 4th

Quick Wits – Friday – October 3, 2014

Another very fun and crazy Friday night at Quick Wits. For the past few months Quick Wits has been doing some different shows on Friday. This has included Stand Up, Cards Against Humanity Shows, Battle Royales, and all sorts of things. But this Friday it was back to just a regular Wits show. And it can all be summed up with two words – “Hansel Juan”! In a “Game-O-Matic” round, one team was give the letters “H” and “J” to create their game. Jourdan came up with “Hansel Juan” and the rules were that you had to do a Fairy Tale, but do it all in Mexican Stereotypes. Sounds pretty “non-PC”, and it is, but seeing “Snow White” done this way was pretty incredible!

As a note, Friday the 10th, will see another specialty show at Quick Wits. We will have Comedy Hypnotist John Moyer wow the crowd with his mind tricks. Should be a great night so make your plans to be there.

Quick Wits – Saturday – October 4, 2014

It was a full stage for the Quick Wits as eight actors battled it out in a four on four match up. Big laughs all night, and it all ended with a wild “winner takes all” Heckler Battle. The gloves came off early as jabs were sent back and forth at the on stage actors. One of the biggest games of the the night was a “Last Line, First Line Revolver”. This game has four different scenes that rotate to a different two-person scene at the emcee’s will. But the last line said in the scene before, now becomes the first line in the next scene. It would take a long time to explain everything that happened in the four scenes, but know that Bob and Jourdan doing a scene where a father has to talk to his son before his wedding took some very odd turns.

All in all, a great weekend of comedy at Quick Wits! Since no two shows are ever alike, you’ve got to make sure you catch as many as you can. Start now… don’t wait!

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