Quick Wits In Review – October 17th and 18th

Quick Wits – Friday – October 17, 2014

Very important stuff on Friday night! We now know that women are the leading cause of global warming. And Joel / Luke certainly got more than they bargained for in “Game-O-Matic” when Blake’s game name for “J-K-L” ended up being “Joel Kisses Luke”. Pretty self-explanatory… no need to ask. But even better than the game rules were Joel’s reasons trying to get out of it. You know it’s good when Joel describes himself as hetero-happy. Luke’s impression of Dracula in “Murder Mystery” was pretty impressive except for the whole Chinese thing. Don’t tell him though, he thinks it’s really something.

Quick Wits – Saturday – October 17, 2014

Saturday held a few surprises… we learned in “Jip-Parody” that “Frankenstein” means “a wiener in a glass”, in “News Quirks”, Bob punched Jourdan in the face for catching him off guard with a Halloween mask AND in “Grand Theft Auto”, Blake plays a “Racist Leprechaun” too well. We vaguely remember the line, “I love all colors of the rainbow, but black isn’t in the rainbow”.

All in all a great weekend. If you missed it, shame on you!

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