Quick Wits in Review – June 6th and 7th


Friday the 6th saw Quick Wits first ever “Cards Against Humanity” show. Using the card game, the audience were in charge of picking scenes. What did that get us? Well, there was a scene involving Ryan Gosling riding a white tiger, a couple saving their marriage by connecting 50,000 volts “straight to the nipples” (which caused uncontrollable gas), and a whole lot more. The troupe also came together for an unforgettable short musical called “Lumberjack Fantasies”. This one featured Collin as a seductive lion.  All in all a great night full of very strange suggestions thanks to the Cards Against Humanity game. Don’t miss it when it comes around again!

On The Saturday show Quick Wits was back to their usual set up. This meant another showdown between the Dim Wits and the Half Wits. It was Quince’s birthday and he celebrated it with a very awkward game of “Oh Yeah!” where he and Jourdan rode surf boards a little too close together. We also saw one of the more painful looking “Human Props” as the entire team of Jourdan, Jason and Jonathan (the Killer J’s) used an audience member as a raft.

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