Quick Wits In Review – August 29th and 30th

Friday, August 29th 2014

It was “Mr. 3000” night at Quick Wits as the troupes founder, Bob Bedore, celebrated his 3000th show. The cast featured players from past and current Quick Wits and gave the crowd an amazing, laugh-filled night. A game of “Replay At Bernie’s” was particularly incredible as Cameron Stewart had everyone doubled over with his performance. There was really too many high points to mention as Cameron, Jason, Jourdan, Joel, Rob, Andrew Jensen (now with Toy Soup, but played with QW back in the early 2000’s), Jennifer Jackson (also a long ago QW who made her first appearance on the MMST stage with us that night), and, of course, Mr. 3000 himself left everything on the stage for the sake of laughs

Some of the highlights should be hitting our video page soon, so check them out. Not only will you see the “Replay” scene we talked about, but you can also catch the very first (and maybe only) “Pentagram Revolver”! This game gave the fun game of “Revolver” sadistic spin that had everyone laughing. We also played a new step out game called “Historical Open Mic” that had characters from history doing stand up. Very funny!

Saturday, August 30th 2014

While some troupes might feel like they could take a night off after a great night like Mr. 3000 show, that is not the Quick Wits way! Bob started show 3001 with Jonathan Tate, Collin Williams, Jackson Banks, Jesse Markus and the return of Lucas Millhouse for a very fun and crazy show. All six performers had highlights throughout the night and the lead kept going back and forth. Even the final round was almost a toss up as the two teams played as if the score really did matter.

Now with the summer all but gone, it’s time to make sure that you grab your friends and help fill the Midvale Main Street Theatre. These are shows not to be missed.

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