Quick Wits In Review – August 22nd and 23rd

Friday, August 22 2014

It was another Stand Up Showdown at Quick Wits on Friday… well, that’s not quite true. This show was more than “just another stand up show”, it was jam packed with great comedians! Collin Williams hosted a night that saw him bring 7 great acts to the stage. Tommy Martinez and Eric “EK” Kepoo brought their take on life in Utah from an ethnic view point, while Bob Bedore ended the first half with a hot set. He cooled off afterwards by going directly from the stage to the street and doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (you gotta see the video)!

The second half started off with Alex Velluto knocking it out of the park. Alex is quickly becoming a big fan favorite at the Quick Wits Stand Up Shows! The lone female comedian of the night was Rachelle Clements and she gave the woman’s point of view to this male dominated show. It all finished up with our double headliners, Rodney Norman and John Moyer.

Rodney was a fixture in Utah Stand Up for many years before moving to the East Coast. He’s back in Utah now and was even sharper than we remembered him! He even had the comedians doubled over with laughter! John Moyer is another guy who has been around for a long time. He’s the writer of “Single’s Ward” and also wrote and directed “Mobsters and Mormons”. His stand up closed the show with a a bang!

Make sure you check out our Stand Up shows when they come around. They are “TV Clean”, which means you won’t hear foul words and they are open for all ages. We’re starting to get some of the very best local comedians to the venue and hope to get this strong enough to book some touring acts soon.

Saturday, August 23 2014

A near Sold Out Crowd witnessed a very hot Quick Wits show… you should have been there (unless you were there, then good for you!). With the audience full we filled up the stage as well with eight great improvisers fighting it out in a four on four battle of the Wits. The Dim Wits of Jourdan, Lauren, Blake and Michael took on the Half Wits of Bob, Collin, Ben and Katrina and the craziness didn’t let up all night.

Hard to even pick out a bright spot in the night because the show never let up. Even between games the actors were making the audience (and themselves) laugh! But one of the favorite spots was during the “Game-O-Matic” round. Here the teams are given two letters and must come up with a game based on them. The audience picks the game they want to see and the actors have to perform it.

Michael Haycock used the letters “D” and “S” to create the game “Double Slap”. His rules were simple; if an actor doesn’t do something they are told to do, they get slapped — twice. It was a blast watching actors force each other into everything from push ups to cart-wheels, and, of course, there was the slapping.

The evening ended with Jourdan doing his ALS Challenge. Bob, who had challenged Jourdan, got to do the pouring and made sure to do a “slow pour”. “I don’t know why everyone rushes the pouring,” Bob said. “A slow pour lets the cold really sink in!”. Hopefully the video of the event will surface soon so you can see the moment when Jourdan’s heart stops from the cold!

A near perfect show for the Quick Wits and it’s great to see the summer starting to fade away and the bigger crowds coming to the theatre! Make sure you don’t miss the next one!

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