At Wits End – Episode 139 – The Dumb Things We Do!

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At Wit's End
At Wit's End
At Wits End - Episode 139 - The Dumb Things We Do!

This episode didn’t start out to be a little collection of the Wits talking about stupid things they’ve done int he past, but you’ll be glad that it ended up going that way! From Jason’s story of taking a dump in a display toilet to Bob’s almost killing himself on a high dive to impress an ex-girlfriend, these little stories help create some pretty funny improv. Jason and Bob were joined by Blake and Sean on an adventure that has to be heard to be believed. Unfortunately we’ll probably never get Six Flags as a sponsor now.

Quick Wits has been performing steadily in Utah (and the West) since 1994 and invite you to come and check out a show if you ever make it to the Beehive State. Check out their schedule at And look for the Wasatch Improv Festival coming up in January!

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