At Wits End – Episode 137 – Pudding Scabs

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At Wit's End
At Wit's End
At Wits End - Episode 137 - Pudding Scabs

The title pretty much tells you that this is going to be another very off the wall episode. After a Quick Wits show that had them drawing two random games from a hat and having to create a new game on the spot, the actor were obviously in an experimental mood. Bob Bedore, Jourdan Dixon, Jesse Markus, and Sean Sweeney dive head first into the issue of racism with a scene about not being able to “see color” (note: we feel we have to once again mention that this is a comedy parody of racism and by no means how we think). And from there it continues to get strange — ending in how we get the title of the show. A good audience hung around for this very fun episode.

Quick Wits performs every Saturday in Midvale Utah and has performed all of the the West since 1994. As it enters it’s 24th year of comedy, Quick Wits shows little sign of slowing down. Come check out a show for yourself and then be a part of the podcast! You can get all the information at

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