At Wits End – Episode 136 – Jason’s Bloody Nose

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At Wit's End: The Quick Wits Post Show Podcast
At Wit's End: The Quick Wits Post Show Podcast
At Wits End - Episode 136 - Jason's Bloody Nose

In one of the strangest occurrences to happen during a recording of At Wits End, Jason Wild’s nose started to bleed. But that wasn’t enough to stop him from continuing on with the podcast, far from it. In fact, it became a part of the show. Jason, along with Bob Bedore and Michael Heycock, brought out the Kleenex and marched on. Perhaps the funnest part to come out of this episode is the continuous use of training videos to help Michael get over his fear of giving blood. It was enough to make us forget about Jason having his nose pinched through most of the episode. Almost.

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