At Wits End – Episode 130 – The Last Muppet Show

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At Wit's End
At Wit's End
At Wits End - Episode 130 - The Last Muppet Show

Episode 30 is a grab bag of craziness! Amazingly enough the first scene about creating a Horse Centipede was the tamest of the bunch. From there the cast wonders about the real power behind the Muppet Show and a rebranding of the KKK. It’s a fun show that took place after the Quick Wits “Musical Extravaganza Show”. Regulars Bob, Jason, Jesse, and Jon are joined by an almost newbie Talitha Hanks (she did a show that was lost – or erased) and Lorin Bruns who does his first show with the Wits in a few years and then stuck around to add to the fun.

Quick Wits has been playing every weekend in the Salt Lake City area since 1994 and is still going strong. Come out and see a show if you’re in town and then stick around to help out with the podcast. You can find out everything on

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