At Wits End – Episode 122 – Anime Platypus

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At Wit's End
At Wit's End
At Wits End - Episode 122 - Anime Platypus

Every once in a while a podcast has to go off the rails and there is just no saving it. This is that show. Is it funny? Yes! Is it something we wondered if we should put out there? Also Yes! Just know that none of us know exactly how we got to where these sketches ended up, but we giggled all the way through. We hope you’ll do the same. We debate the origin of the Platypus, discuss some truly bad Anime and a bunch of other stuff.

Quick Wits performs every Saturday night in Midvale Utah and has been going strong for nearly 25 years. It’s Utah’s longest running and (in our minds) the funniest improv show. Come check it out for yourselves and be sure to stick around for the podcast. And maybe you can help keep us on the track.

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