At Wits End – Episode 117 – Toby Keith & The Mystic Mountain

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In a bit of meta-improv, the team wonders what an improv show would be like if it was nothing but emcee work. This soon gives way to a bizarre look at Bob’s home life. Things continue on to a search for enlightenment and Toby Keith’s search for his lost songs. It’s all in a night’s work for the guys of Quick Wits. This show features the first appearance of Joel Hilton (catch his own pop culture pod cast “Baconsale”) and the usual group of Jesse Markus, Michael Haycock, Jon Fairbanks, Sean Sweeney, and Bob Bedore as your host.

Quick Wits plays every Saturday night at the Midvale Performing Arts Center and then records this podcast right afterwards. come check out a show for yourself and then stick around for the podcast. You can get more information at

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