At Wits End – Episode 116 – March MadWits Champions

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At Wit's End
At Wit's End
At Wits End - Episode 116 - March MadWits Champions

This very wild, crazy and very funny episode was recorded directly after the Championship game of Quick Wits’ March MadWits – a five week competition of teams thrown together from improvisors all over Utah. The SRO show was one of the best start to finish shows ever and in the end Air Bud 7: Love is just a word squeaked out a win over Mom Jeans. We invited both teams to join us for this podcast and is was clear that the these performers still had a lot of funny left in them. Listen scenes that move from the over use of trophies to the tattoos. And in the middle is one of the strangest retellings of World War II you’ll ever here. Bob Bedore hosts as Michael Haycock, Jon Fairbanks and Mac Shelley from Air Bud 7: Love Is Just A Word and Lauren Bradley, Kelley Wood and Aleks Ignjatovic from Mom Jeans do a show in front of some of the fans that hung around after the show — and for all of you listening!

Quick Wits plays live every Saturday at the Midvale Performing Arts Center in Midvale Utah. You can find out about the shows at Come out and catch a show and stay for the podcast directly afterwards.

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