At Wits End – Episode 112 – I’m Really Good At This

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At Wit's End: The Quick Wits Post Show Podcast
At Wit's End: The Quick Wits Post Show Podcast
At Wits End - Episode 112 - I'm Really Good At This

It’s the 12th episode of “At Wits End” and this one takes place right after a huge March MadWits battle. It is also quite possibly the strangest episode we’ve done so far — and that’s saying something even in our young existence. The improv curtain is pulled back a bit as we talk about something that happened on stage and why you should never announce to the Emcee and the Audience that you’re “really good” at something. That never ends well. We also discuss a hand sanitizer called, “Maybe you touched your genitals”, and do an updated/teen version of Yo Gabba Gabba! Yeah, it’s a strange episode.

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