My Top 10 Favorite Games – 7 of 10

Greatest Hits

Who’s Line is it Anyway?  has become a staple for comedy improv, not only for its clean-cut condensed 30 minute T.V. format, but because it features a couple brilliant musically talented performers.   And every song made up on the spot by Wayne Brady is a god-damn Billboard chart topper.   If only everyone knew how difficult that is to achieve.

I love this game because (a) it features my music ability and passion for song writing, and (b) it tests my limits of focus, wit, nerve and motor-skills.

I’ll admit I’m not a grand-slam every time. But the few moments that I slip into a catchy chorus just after nailing a clever rhyme, I feel pretty damn good. And I’ve got confidence issues that my therapist and I are working on, so those valuable moments supply a direct shot of adrenaline that keeps me coming back for more every weekend.  For more on my two-cents on musical improv check out my other blog.

It also features a grand opportunity to achieve what I shall call Omni-mind.  That’s a fancy term for the group mind orgasm; where not just me, but the team members collectively create a choral cacophony, harmonizing and supporting with background support, or even simple dance steps.  The shared inspiration with each individual adding to a collaboration is just shy of being miraculous. I mean, nothing can compete with the divine immaculate conception, am I right? But it’s a pretty good second place to Mick Jagger still being alive.

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