My Top 10 Favorite Games – 5 of 10

Dead People

It was Ryan Locante that made me love this game.  He was hoisted up by another actor animating his lifeless body. Someone lost control somewhere and he lunged forward, with limp arms and feeble legs.  Once caught, still leaning forward, his eyes bulged out of his shaved head, and he looked like Moby getting kicked in the nuts.   Whoever was animating had no idea of the hilarious dead looks Ryan jerked into while being shlepped across the stage.  He didn’t do much, just gave a look, and fulfilled the bizarre requirement of acting dead.

This very same game became an SNL skit when Drew Keddington bounced into has basement world-of-stage as a slightly deranged child that played with real dead people, enacting his favorite movie scenes.  He would shout off stage to his mother living upstairs who was none-the-wiser of the mischief he was getting into with his ‘friends’.

I like it best when people enact scenes from movies. Where the magical love scene in Titanic just turns into one body being thrown on top of another.  When ever Russ played, and he was on top; it was always funny. Miss you man.

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