My Top 10 Favorite Games – 3 of 10


I’ve invested money into the ability to mimic and produce the broad spectrum of the human voice.  My acting degree at the University of Utah came with some incredible  vocal coaches.  I’m talking studio-picture level instructors that gave dialect coaching to people of Middle Earth, back in the day.  So Accents, the offend everyone worldwide game, always feels like I’m making good use of my education investment. Or at least I’m getting my laughs while paying off student loans for the next ten years. *cough, cough*

But let me clarify. The game is chalk-full of stereotypes and offensive commentary (i.e. the French smoke cigarettes and give-up all the time, the Germans never say ‘yes’ but nien all while swatting hummingbirds with stiff arms, and the Chinese just take a lot of pictures.) This is not what I like the most about Accents.  What I enjoy is the emotional reaction that shifts a standard conversation into a loaded circumstance between two Scotsmen. When a generic grocery store scene between two men bursts into a German debate on sauerkraut and bratwurst options.

Funny thing is, ironic really, that details of various regional dialects seem lost on some audiences, where my Gallic Irish might sound funny to most whose exposure to the Irish is limited to Lucky Charms and Braveheart.

But there in-lies what I fancy about this game.  There is a big world out there and billions of people creating trillions of sounds that create a variety of sects, clans, societies and cultures; all with their own social nuances, and I cannot be content with my simple American-isms.  Like Pokemon, I got to catch them all.

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  1. I love Accents… but Ben is right. The audience mostly wants the stereotypes and don’t understand that there are many subtle ways to play things. But, hey, we’re there to make people laugh and that’s what we do best.

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