My Top 10 Favorite Games – 2 of 10

Indian Poker

God, I feel like this is a real cocktail party made manifest, but with more interesting people and their agendas more obvious.   I played this simple card game when I was on camping trips during my days as a Boy Scout. Maybe it’s nostalgic for me, but probably its the poor priceless poker faces that I see when the audience erupts with laugher and the actor hasn’t a clue with what they have been dubbed.  I mean you can’t script that ****.

When I’m stuck on stage with a person who knows only who I am; and I they, my mind runs in reverse and redlines with ideas.  Consider the christian qualities of the game itself – and its ultimate exercising of improv basic that not even Mick Napier can critique (Okay, he probably could, but that’s because he has a reputation for being a cynical asshole to uphold).   The name of the game is to help the other person figure out who they are, while their identity is written on a card that is stuck to their head.  Instantly its about the other person. **** yea, I love this good Samaritan ****!  And then, oh-no, let’s not be obvious, we must embark on a conversation loaded with double entendres and subtle hinting while the audience enjoys what is so evident, it’s obvious right?  “It’s written on his forehead for ****-sake.” You might say.  This is the dialogue I’ve given the general audience in my mind.  If you don’t swear, please substitute my words for your less potent, possibly smarter – certainly more acceptable – vocabulary.

And finally the sweet shared victory of getting it right after minutes of awkward pantomiming (and yes, Jason, you did walk right through my oven, thank you very much) the crowd cheers at what is a profound self realization “I am Miley Cyrus” or “I am Gandhi” or Hitler or whoever (depends on the glasses, I guess.)

If only my actual parties were like that, where I make subtle hints to whomever might be overcompensating while talking too much and than we can all cheer when they proudly announce to the crowd, “I am a Narcissist! Yea!”

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