My Top 10 Favorite Games – 1 of 10

Murder Mystery

Some of you might groan at the Quick Wits constant performance of this game, but I love it.  And I could probably play it every day for the rest of my life; preferably in the morning with coffee.   In fact it will be a prerequisite for my wife-to-be that we play this game at any point that our relationship reaches a lull; just to make things kinky.

On stage it gets the blood flowing.  It’s high energy and physical, and the chemistry with the infinite combination of various actors is fascinating to watch.   Case and point: that moment that the last guy does exactly what the first guy did, when the middle man shared no similar gesture, like the idea (the suggestion) visually just jumped from one head to the other.  You see this more often in the advanced Movie Murder Mystery as likeminded actors pay homage to the iconic scenes of various movies.

How can you not enjoy the left field, no question confidence that the guessing-man gives as he/she adds to the limited gibberish of their own teammate.  Turning a steering wheel into a Ryu hyukin, or turning a slip-n-slide into a strip-pole (mmm … use your imagination, duh.)  I thrive on this beautiful realization that maybe being preposterously wrong is better, most defiantly funnier, than being right.

As I have played this over the years suggestions have become increasingly more bizarre and therefore difficult.  Watching 3 or 4 performers enact their interpretation of a Batman-Tinkerbell (Tinkerman?) or Richard Simmons – Obama (F.I.I.K.) lovechild are priceless. ({a} see footnote)

So grown all you want, I still love it.  And my wife-to-be better start breakfast and slip into something sexy cause baby, I got a mystery we gonna solve.

Footnotes: {a} F.I.I.K. – an acronym for F*** If I Know.

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