Corporate Training

To do what we do on stage, the members of Quick Wits have to be a team. We're fighting for comedy survival in front of a crowd without even knowing what the next line is going to be, much less where the scene is headed. We have to depend on each person not only backing us up, but contributing as well.

After 20+ years of this, we've realized that the same rules that we use on stage work in the Corporate Environment as well. And Quick Wits has put together a special training exercise called "Improvation". Through our step-by-step program you will learn many rules that will open up communication between your team members and let creativity flow.

This class is very interactive and forces employees to work together to accomplish goals. But it's not your usual team building stuff. You're group will be laughing from start to finish, only to find that they've learned a lot about themselves and each other.

You'll also learn the "Five Work Languages" and how you can get more out of those around you when you learn how to talk to others, and how you need to be talked to in order to reach your potential.

This is a very different course. But we can guarantee that you'll come out of it so much stronger, and with a lot of memories.

Bob Bedore has toured the country teaching principles of various management techniques and has used many of them to mix in with improv to form "Improvation". No matter the class size, he can help you.

And if you're having problems with Public Speaking (it's the #1 fear in the world), Bob also teaches classes to help you overcome this and get you standing and talking in no time.

Call for more information - 801-824-0523.