Quick Wits
What is this QWapp?

The Quick Wits Ultimate Improv App was created by improvisers for improvisers. And we intend to make it a living app updated with new games and other goodies for a long time. In fact, we'd love to hear from you to help make the games list grow. If we put in one of your games we'll give you (and your troupe) credit for it!

We hope you'll find uses for QWapp whether you're on stage, workshopping, or just looking to find inspiration for your own games.

Let's give you a little tour of some of the things you can find from the main page. "Games" is obviously a list of games and their descriptions but you'll notice that there are several categories you can use to find the right game for the right moment. Quick Wits plays competitive improv so we have "team" games and "head to head" games. If you don't play that style you can think of a "head to head" games as an all play type situation and maybe divide up the group. The different subcategories give you options to the type of games we have so far. Want to spice things up for the troupe? Just hit the "Randomize!" and play whatever comes up!

"Ask Fors" gives you some different things to ask your audience for as a scene starter. You can use it yourself if you just want to start a scene yourself and need a little push. That "Randomize!" button will give you a new starter every time.

"Call" contains a large list of basic types of things you need in a game. You'll find subcategories for things like person, place, thing, genre and more. The "Scene" subcategory can be used with the game "Load of QWapp" to keep things moving in a fun freeze tag game.

Anytime you need to go back to the main screen, just hit the "Quick Wits" at the top of the screen.

There is a lot more coming and we want your help. Just click feedback and let us know how we can make this better. It may sound like a huge dream, but we'd love to see this app on every improviser's phone. To do that we have to make sure that it remains the Ultimate Improv App. Help us make it the app you not only want, but one you need.

If you like the app and want to know more about Quick Wits, go to qwcomedy.com. Want to know about improv and get some teaching from a man with over 20 years of making stuff up, check out "101 Improv Games for Children and Adults" and "101 More Improv Games for Children and Adults" by Bob Bedore. The books are available on line at all the usual places.

Big thanks to Jourdan Dixon for all the work on this. He's too humble to put this on the app, but we're forcing him to do it. Put it in the description Jourdan!

Enjoy, and now go forth and IMPROV!