My Top 10 Favorite Games – 5 of 10

Dead People It was Ryan Locante that made me love this game.  He was hoisted up by another actor animating his lifeless body. Someone lost control somewhere and he lunged forward, with limp arms and feeble legs.  Once caught, still leaning forward, his eyes bulged out of his shaved head, and he looked like Moby getting kicked in the nuts. … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 6 of 10

Missing Shakespeare “They talk weirid. There’s all those words.” She says. “I can’t understand.  I just don’t geet it.” I’m on my third beer wondering how I’m going to convey in some sort of efficient, and un-condescending, way the significance of Shakespeare today. It was an auditorial art. Reading and writing were not common back then, so the understudy couldn’t … Read More

Quick Wits In Review – October 17th and 18th

Quick Wits – Friday – October 17, 2014 Very important stuff on Friday night! We now know that women are the leading cause of global warming. And Joel / Luke certainly got more than they bargained for in “Game-O-Matic” when Blake’s game name for “J-K-L” ended up being “Joel Kisses Luke”. Pretty self-explanatory… no need to ask. But even better … Read More

Quick Wits Recap – October 10th and 11th

Pretty crazy weekend at Quick Wits. First was a Friday night where we invited Comedy Hypnotist John Moyer to the theatre. We put off our regular show to see what John could do to our crowd. The results were hilarious! John had volunteers dancing, playing instruments, strutting around proudly thinking they had see-through clothes, and a whole lot more. It … Read More

Quick Wits In Review – October 3rd and 4th

Quick Wits – Friday – October 3, 2014 Another very fun and crazy Friday night at Quick Wits. For the past few months Quick Wits has been doing some different shows on Friday. This has included Stand Up, Cards Against Humanity Shows, Battle Royales, and all sorts of things. But this Friday it was back to just a regular Wits … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 4 of 10

Human Prop All audience participation games are great.  In fact, most of our away shows consist of prodding audience members up in front of their peers and making fun of them in some way or another. Human Prop, however, burst the safety bubble of everyone, audience participant or not.   The humor becomes multi-layered; much more complex as both actor … Read More

Rockin’ the Game O’ Matic

Before I start in, I’ll give a description of Game O’ Matic. “The emcee gets 2 or 3 letters that become the acronym for the title of a non-existent improv game. Each actor on a team will give their game name and describe their version of that game. The audience cheers for which version they want to see and the … Read More