My Top 10 Favorite Games – 3 of 10

Accents I’ve invested money into the ability to mimic and produce the broad spectrum of the human voice.  My acting degree at the University of Utah came with some incredible  vocal coaches.  I’m talking studio-picture level instructors that gave dialect coaching to people of Middle Earth, back in the day.  So Accents, the offend everyone worldwide game, always feels like … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 2 of 10

Indian Poker God, I feel like this is a real cocktail party made manifest, but with more interesting people and their agendas more obvious.   I played this simple card game when I was on camping trips during my days as a Boy Scout. Maybe it’s nostalgic for me, but probably its the poor priceless poker faces that I see … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Games – 1 of 10

Murder Mystery Some of you might groan at the Quick Wits constant performance of this game, but I love it.  And I could probably play it every day for the rest of my life; preferably in the morning with coffee.   In fact it will be a prerequisite for my wife-to-be that we play this game at any point that … Read More

Quick Wits In Review – September 5th and 6th

Friday, September 5th 2014 Quick Wits once again turned the control of the show over to the audience in the aptly named, “Audience Control Show”. (Okay, so maybe we’re not that clever with the name of our shows) For this night the crowd could write down all games they’d like to see us play, characters they want us to play, … Read More

Quick Wits In Review – August 29th and 30th

Friday, August 29th 2014 It was “Mr. 3000” night at Quick Wits as the troupes founder, Bob Bedore, celebrated his 3000th show. The cast featured players from past and current Quick Wits and gave the crowd an amazing, laugh-filled night. A game of “Replay At Bernie’s” was particularly incredible as Cameron Stewart had everyone doubled over with his performance. There … Read More

Musical Improv – My Two Cents

For most, musical improv is a scary thing.  Not only do you make rhymes and catchy choruses, but try to keep a decent pitch and stay in rhythm as well.  And the whole time there are an embarrassing amount of things that could go wrong. Well, here is my two cents on the always magical and ever impressive musical improv. … Read More